King Sea



King Sea


DT 719 Street, Tien Thanh Commune, City. Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province


86 ha


Dai Thanh Quang Company


Queen Villa

168 products. 150 - 300m2 / unit

King Villa

60 products. 600 m2 / unit

Royal Terrace

244 products. 55.55 m2 / unit

Stars Tower

982 products. 48-59 m2 / unit

Crown Residence

1344 products. 19-27 m2 / unit

Forest Residence

422 products. 48-59 m2 / unit

Pearl Bungalow

38 products. 48-64m2 / unit


King Sea is located in a very impressive terrain of a red-colored canyon typical of Binh Thuan and Thap Cham culture, embracing a small forest with a variety of trees and birds nourished by one. brook. The sand cliffs gradually fall from 75m to the sea level, nearly 1km long, carrying a very pristine and gentle valley, making the land known as the Treasure of Phan Thiet.

It can be said that close to nature but luxurious and comfortable, modern architecture and interiors designed according to natural terrain, distinctive greenery and immense ocean have become components of the architecture to creating KING SEA Phan Thiet and affirming the wisdom of a new generation in the field of tourism and resort.


The King Sea Phan Thiet project is planned on a total land area of ​​88 hectares, with an estimated population density of 15,702 people, mainly apartments, townhouses and villas.

Accordingly, each apartment has an area ranging from 52m2 – 92m2 and designed from 1-2 bedrooms, about the type of townhouses with area from 125m2 – 175m2, villas have area from 350m2 – 450m2.


Using the land they have wisely, King Sea provides convenient aspects of people’s living needs. Entertainment, sports, shopping and dining as well as living areas are planned here.

The ecosystem seems to stretch throughout the entire project, residents can see a peaceful and airy atmosphere that it brings. Many amusement parks and aquariums are built to provide the younger generation with an entertaining model with useful games.

In addition, from the project, residents also conveniently move to the famous tourist areas of Binh Thuan province such as Mui Ke Ga, Mui Ne, La Gi Beach …

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